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Ann Arbor's favorite 80's college band has reformed with its original members as well as a few new ones! Now consisting of 8 members including a 3-and-sometimes-4-piece horn section, they are playing their favorite songs from the 80s as well as updated playlists. The band prides themselves in playing songs no cover band in their right mind would consider playing including Under Pressure by David Bowie & Queen, Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel, Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order, Too Much by The Dave Matthews Band, and about 100 or so more. 4 of the members were in the Michigan Marching Band, 2 are professors, 3 are engineers, and 2 are architects - and one even went to Michigan State. They are available for gigs at corporate events, festivals, coronations of heads of state, dive bars that appreciate good music, and paid gigs in tropical locations. Follow us here, but more importantly follow us in the real world as we believe live music will save the world.

The Atomic Cafe' in Photos

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